Gorgeous Desert Engagement Shoot in Phoenix, Arizona: Kaylee & Aaron

Kaylee & Aaron are getting married this weekend at Magnolia Hotel in downtown Dallas, TX... and we can hardly wait for their big day! Kaylee is Kris' youngest sister, so this wedding is extra special for us. This also marks our first trip to Texas with our baby boy Becks and his first plane ride. He's the ring bearer, Kris is the MOH, and Tyler is the officiant. Oh and we're the wedding planners. Pfew! We wouldn't do it for anyone else. It'll be an incredible weekend surrounded by the ones we love while we do what we love - plan amazing weddings! 

Kaylee was born and raised in Texas, where the couple currently lives. Aaron was born and raised in Arizona, where they met. To pay homage to both, they are flying the incredible Stephanie Fay Photography in for the wedding, and also had Stephanie shoot their engagement photos in Phoenix, AZ last fall (Flower Crown by Phoenix Flower Crowns). The photos capture the playful love between these two, a part of their history, and their incredible hair. Seriously - both of them, amirite? ;) Kaylee & Aaron recount their engagement story below:

"For Kaylee's 25th birthday present, Aaron booked a trip for them to go to New York... Kaylee, who had never been to New York before, was beyond excited to explore the city and do as much as possible within the little time they would be there. Little did she know, Aaron had been planning on proposing to her on this trip all along...

Their flight was scheduled to leave bright and early on January 9, 2015. After a delay and two hours of sitting on the runway, they FINALLY touched down in NYC ... Because Aaron had conspired a plan to propose to Kaylee at the "Top of the Rock" during sunset, he was (secretly) sweating bullets hoping that they would make it to the top on time. Their first stop was the hotel to quickly drop off their bags and check-in... Aaron's first obstacle was to find a way to distract Kaylee while he snuck his way down to the lobby to retrieve the ring (which he had shipped from Texas directly to the hotel). Claiming that he "left his ID" down at the front desk, he quickly grabbed the ring from the hotel manager, and hid it in his side pocket of his jacket. After changing into some warmer clothes, they quickly headed out to the T of the R to make it their by sunset. Aaron tried to hide his nervous look, even though he was sure that Kaylee would feel the ring in his pocket on their way over... He was even required to take off his jacket through the metal detector... you can only imagine how nerve-racking this was for him.

Once they finally made it to the top, they made their way to the main viewing platform, where there were hundreds of people taking pictures. Aaron tried to play it cool as he looked for the "perfect" spot to propose, but it was too crowded where they were to get the perfect look. They made their way to the upper viewing platform and Aaron almost squished Kaylee in the doorway because he was in such a rush to find a spot before the sun went down. As he noticed the perfect opening (right in front of the Empire State Building), he went up to a younger girl and asked if she would take a video "while he proposed to his girlfriend". His initial concern was that he'd go up to a person who didn't speak English... but fortunately, the Australian girl was MORE than happy to take the video. Just as he asked her to take the video, she immediately freaked out and tried to keep a straight face. Aaron then grabbed Kaylee and "pretended" that they were going to take a picture... a few seconds later, he turned towards her, mumbled a heartfelt speech (that they both can't remember to this day), and got down on one knee... Kaylee's hands immediately went up to her face and the tears started flowing. As she happily accepted, a small crowd formed around them and started cheering/crying/clapping. They spent at least another hour at the top laughing, crying, sharing stories and gazing at the incredible views of the city, as well as the new sparkling diamond on her hand. It was a moment they will never forget... and a trip that they will continue to take for years to come."