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The "Krisler" Story

AKA - How KRIS & TYLER MET/married

Summer of 2006, in Phoenix, AZ. Tyler had been working his way through college with a part time job in marketing/promotions for a local country radio station. Kris was the new girl at work. Without agenda, on the first day of work together, Tyler claimed he loved and would marry her. His wedding vows would later claim this to be dumb luck.

Years of dating, dogs, cars & rentals later, Tyler proposed and they set out planning their own wedding. #krisler2014 was the celebration of their lifetimes. The perfect nuptials for a fun-loving duo.  

They now split time between AZ & UT, are parents to two crazy toddlers, and love planning weddings everywhere. Konsider It Done, LLC is based in Phoenix, AZ. 

Konsider it done

On her own, Kris planned weddings for years. At first for free, for friends and family, and eventually building the skills and experience that would support a price tag. Wedding planning was a nights & weekends gig for years, with the thought of full-time existing only in dreams. 

Through the process of planning their own wedding, Kris understood firsthand more about the high/lows/in-betweens that encompass wedding planning. Tyler was also gobsmacked by an estrogen intense process, that even made a dapper dude feel out of place and disconnected from the process. Immediately following #krisler2014 Kris was ready to take the leap professionally, and Tyler was ready to help grooms navigate the waters of wedding planning. After all, it's a couple's big day - not just the bride's!

Together, Kris' natural design & planning skills paired with Tyler's rationale and pragmatism, have combined to create countless stunning events. On her own, Kris is a wedding planning powerhouse and has created a badass portfolio of successful events. When paired with Tyler, she's even better and loves the extra eyes/ears/meager muscles. After sitting on the sidelines for Kris' early events, Tyler suited up and helped big-time for their own wedding. Since then he's become an advocate for grooms everywhere, on a mission to prevent bridezillas from dominating the big day. 

Interested in hearing us chat more about “our story”, listen here.

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Lead Planner / #girlboss

Kris was born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. She adopted an early passion for glitter, heels, Hanson & planning everything around her. She's from the south, but this debutant knows more four-letter words than French, and has mastered a healthy mix of bossy & classy. Kris officially founded Konsider It Done, LLC in 2014. (See Instagram for stories/pics of weddings, avocado toast & cute kids)



Jack - of - all - trades

Tyler spent his early days in Boulder, CO intently focused on anything involving ramps, mountains & wheels. After 6 years in corporate banking, he now enjoys a career in the tech industry, as a product marketing leader of a software company. And like any decent husband, Tyler not only supported the decision but co-founded Konsider It Done. (Check out Tyler's personal page, shorthand & snapshots)

The Zeman Family

Tyler, Kris, Becks, & Berkley