NorCal Engagement Photos: Jocelyn & Tommy

Wow! It's been forever since we've blogged (said every wedding planner everywhere).  But let's not talk about that...

Jocelyn & Tommy are getting married this weekend at Bella Rose Estate in Chandler, AZ!!! We’ve been planning & designing their wedding for the last year- all while they’ve been living in California. Planning with them from afar has been so fun and easy. They’ve trusted the design process, are so laid back, and are seemingly easy to please. ;) We’ve had a blast getting to know them and their families and we can’t WAIT to show you what we have in store for their big’s gonna be a good one!

In the meantime, enjoy their cute engagement story told by the bride below. Also, how fun are these engagement photos that were taken in Oakland by the talented Simone Anne Photography?!?

“We had planned a trip to Yosemite National Park to spend the weekend hiking and sight-seeing. There was one hike in particular we both were looking forward to that lead to a waterfall. We set out with a picnic lunch, full of energy for the day. Unfortunately, the hike ended up being much more difficult than we both anticipated! By the time we reached the waterfall, we were completely exhausted and decided to stop and have our picnic lunch. It was a beautiful spot, at the base of the waterfall, in the shade of the forest. I noticed that Tommy was acting strange, but I attributed it to the rigorous hike. I sat back, enjoying the view, not suspecting a thing. That's when he popped the question! He had been hiking all over Yosemite with the ring in his backpack! It was a wonderful moment shared by just the two of us that we will never forget.”