Tempe Farmers Market Sunrise Engagement Session: Lauren & Blaise

Lauren & Blaise will be kicking off our fall wedding season by getting married later this month at Heritage Square in Downtown Phoenix.  These two know a thing or two about food and drinks so this wedding is sure to be one we will never forget- or at least a menu we will never forget.  ;) Checkout a few of their gorgeous engagement photos by Shepard Visuals.

They met back in 2009 and have been inseparable ever since.  They got engaged at the end of 2014.  Read below for the bride's story in her own words:

"We were on St Thomas for a family vacation. It rained the first two days that we were there and we would try and catch the five minutes of sun each day. Finally on the third day, we were sitting at the beach bar and the sun broke through! I look across the ocean and St John looked amazing! I asked Blaise to come down to the beach with me to get photos of the scene. We were taking photos and laughing. Then he said he needed something from his backpack... I turned around and he was pulling a beautiful wooden box out. He turned to me and said 'Lauren, there's something I've been meaning to ask you' I pretty much blacked out after that, but there was a lot of crying. I'm pretty sure I said 'yes.' A couple on the beach rushed over and got photos of the moment which was so nice! Everyone at the bar we were just sitting at was cheering and watching. It was a perfect moment. "