The Sweetest Phoenix Engagement Shoot: Melissa & John

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Melissa & John are getting married this fall at Phoenix Art Museum.  We are SO excited for their black & white modern affair, we can hardly stand it! These 2 met shortly after college while Melissa was living in Phoenix and John in Tucson (yes, one is a Sun Devil and the other is a Wildcat).  They spent the beginning of their relationship commuting back and forth before John finally moved to Phoenix- and we are SO glad he did!  How stinkin' cute are these two?!? We are currently obsessing over their soft, romantic engagement photos by Amaes Photography.

Below is their engagement story from the bride-to-be, herself:

"John proposed on my birthday, May 15, 2015. This was our 4th year celebrating my birthday together. He planned a birthday dinner and invited some of our closest friends and family. I didn't suspect much (Even though I almost blew it reading a facebook event message he sent out...more about that later) and just thought it was a normal birthday. He kept his cool all day and didn't seem nervous or anxious at all. More excited than anything :) We get to Windsor that night and he reserved the "YES" room. If you've been to Windsor and sat in the corner of the restaurant you know what I'm talking about. We ate dinner and then John said he had a present for me that he left in the car. I remember it started raining pretty hard during dinner and that his shirt was a little wet when he came back. He also came back with a sundae from Churn with a candle lit on top. He walked to me and said a few words, thankfully it was recorded because I didn't remember what he said, but something along the lines of  " I want to spend the rest of my life with you" and then he started to get on his knee and I let out a "oh my gah" I was covering my mouth in shock so that's what it sounded like. I said yes, absolutely! and then he started singing Happy Birthday and everyone joined in. Everything was a blur after that. Lots of hugs, happy tears and lots of phones in my face for people that were facetiming. 

Now how I almost blew it. I am a non-facebooker so I sometimes use his account when I want to see some of my friends pics. He had the invite page on the computer and left for some reason. I walked by and was going to start reading and for some reason got distracted so I couldn't read it. I read it after the proposal and it basically said, don't tell Melissa but I will be proposing. Everyone did an excellent job at keeping it a secret. Best birthday ever!! "