Konsider It Done


[kris-ler] | noun | the combination of kristina & tyler zeman

Konsider It Done

[kuh n-sid-er, it, duhn] verb | the comfort found whilst trusting professionals to plan and execute an event

Kris Zeman

Lead Planner/ #girlboss

Tyler Zeman

Jack - of - all - trades

Kris was born and raised in the suburbs of Dallas, TX. She adopted an early passion for glitter, heels, Hanson & planning everything around her. After college, Kris returned to scholastics in 2010 to receive a certificate in wedding planning and has been planning weddings ever since. Finally retiring from her "desk-job" and promoting her talents to full time, Kris founded Konsider It Done, LLC in 2014. (On Instagram straight flexin')

Tyler spent his early days in Boulder, CO intently focused on anything involving ramps, mountains & wheels. After 6 years in corporate banking, he now enjoys a profession in the tech industry, currently leading marketing for a software startup. And like any decent husband, Tyler not only supported the decision but co-founded Konsider It Done. (Check out Tyler's personal pageshorthand & snapshots)

Together, Kris' natural design and planning skills paired with Tyler's rationale and testosterone-induced perspective, have created countless epic events. On her own, Kris is a powerhouse and has created a proven track record. Combined with Tyler, she's even better and loves the extra eyes/ears/mediocre muscles. After sitting on the sidelines for most of Kris' events, Tyler suited up and helped big-time for their own wedding. Since then he's become an advocate for grooms everywhere, on a mission to prevent bridezillas from dominating the big day. 

Interested in how Krisler started? In a nutshell: Kris was the new girl at work. Tyler was smitten and started convincing. 8 years later she said "yes". They are now happily married with 2 kiddos- their little boy, Becks, and their little girl, Berkley.