A Junior High "Romance" Love Story: Katie & Jason

Katie and Jason are getting married this week in Seattle, Washington. Both grew up in Prescott, Arizona but have always dreamed of a destination wedding. They wanted something unique and different and that’s exactly what they are getting at their chosen venue, Treehouse Point. Just WAIT until you see this space transformed into an enchanted forest.

Katie first met Jason when she was in 8th grade, he in high school. They dated for “2 minutes” (ha) and she was left heartbroken after he told her “he wanted to go out with high school girls” instead of her. Fast forward 17 years and they were brought back together via Facebook. (THANK YOU SOCIAL MEDIA). When they were together, it was like no time had passed. Now…they’ve agreed to make it official for life.

For their engagement photos, they actually did two totally different shoots- one in Sedona, Arizona and one in Durango, Colorado. The Arizona photos were done by AK Lonski Photography and the Colorado photos were done by Cracked Compass Photography… enjoy all of this beautiful images filled with so much love and read below for their proposal story from the bride’s perspective.

From the bride: “We had been casually talking about marriage over the next 4 years and wanted to make sure that the time was right in our relationship. We started talking about engagement rings and places we'd like to bring our friends and family for our wedding; we knew we wanted a unique destination wedding. We actually travelled to LA and met with our family's jeweler to pick our engagement ring together. And I intentionally say "our" engagement ring, because that's how Jason and I viewed this decision. It was our decision to take this step forward in our relationship and it was our decision to pick the perfect ring for me; it was all very intentional and thoughtful, which I loved about our journey.

We had a planned trip to Europe that summer and we actually both agreed to take the engagement off the table. I didn't want every photo opportunity to feel like Jason was dwindling to one knee to pop the question. We didn't want the added stress and decided to keep the ring at home and run a muck in Europe! Little did I know that Jason had other plans. This little sneaky guy had the ring hidden in his Go-Pro case the entire time! And I hadn't the faintest clue! We met friends in Paris and then jaunted to Switzerland. We fell in love with the hustle and bustle of Old Town, Geneva, the insurmountable beauty of The Matterhorn in Zermatt and the peacefulness of Lake Lucerne. But our favorite place was a quaint, small town nestled in the hillside of Lauterbrunnen. With it's cascading waterfalls and endless, lush rolling hills, we were instantly memorized and could feel it in our bones that this place was something special. While hiking through this charming town, surrounded by the soaring Swiss Alps, Jason got on one knee and asked me to marry him. Through tears, he promised to always love me, to always laugh with me, always explore with me and to take care of me the way that my Dad would be proud of. We embraced and held one another for a long time, soaking in the moment; just the two of us encased by the snow capped mountains. It was such a perfect moment that we will never forget! We began planning instantly; dreaming of our special day. We were ready to begin this chapter together and I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal or partner.”

Additional Credits:

Bouquet: Sydney Eliza Florals

Hair & Makeup: Seventh Ave Beauty

Dress: Bella Bridesmaids