Family Lifestyle Engagement Shoot: Maura & Adam

Maura & Adam are getting married in Aruba THIS WEEK!! These two and their adorable 1.5 year old, Max, opted to do a family lifestyle engagement shoot vs “traditional” engagement photos and boy, was that the right choice. Max is at such a fun age filled with curiosity, energy, and lots of emotions. Candids is really where it’s at with a youngster like this, so we are SO thrilled they hired the queen of kiddo candids, Vienna Glenn Photography. Lea caught all of the high’s and low’s of being almost 2.

M & A have had a wild ride of moves across the US during their relationship thus far. Both originally from Kansas City, Missouri, they met while living and working in Chicago. Their jobs have since taken them from Chicago to Phoenix, Phoenix to New Orleans, New Orleans back to Phoenix… so why not travel to some other location for the wedding (it only seems fitting)??!? We’ve been planning with them for the last year and we are so excited for all of the tropical festivities they have planned for this week. It’s sure to be a good time for all involved. And don’t worry, Lea is coming too so there will be MORE cute Max photos (along with a few beautiful wedding photos too, I’m sure ;) )

Maura was kind enough to share all about her and Adam’s engagement. Read below for her version of the story and enjoy all of these insanely cute photos featuring the most gorgeous blue eyed toddler:

“I had a work trip to Chicago July 2017, and was able to make a long weekend out of it and Adam came along. We saw a baseball game, went to the Field Museum, walked along Lake Michigan hit up Three Dots and a Dash so Adam could get his tiki drink on- just hit up all of our favorite spots. It was a great weekend. The last night in town we were at our hotel room just hanging out and Adam asked to see my hand (not an odd request so I didn't think anything of it) and he put the ring on my finger. I didn't cry, but was so surprised. We had a house, a dog, we'd moved cities (more than once), he'd changed jobs... I knew it would happen but didn't think anytime soon. Since engagement was a surprise, there was no rush to talk about the wedding.. but here we are, and it’s finally happening”