The Cutest Queen Creek Olive Mill Engagement Shoot: Caroline & JR

Ok- let me start by saying….this couple right here…we love them SO much! They are so joyful and funny and kind and we are SO excited for their upcoming wedding. We met Caroline through Bright Event Rentals, where she currently works. We’ve had the pleasure of doing “work lunches/happy hours” and styled shoots with her in the past via our industry connection, but now it’s time for HER to be the bride. If I’m being honest, Caroline is my (Kris) spirit animal. We are so alike, it’s insane. We are so honored and excited to be a part of her upcoming wedding at El Chorro this summer. Both Italians and Greeks will be in attendance so you KNOW it’s going to be an unforgettable event.

Caroline and JR have an undeniable connection and the way they keep each other laughing is something many would be jealous of. They also have a pretty dang cute engagement story. See below for the story, as well as their fun engagement shoot done by Fully Alive Photography at the Queen Creek Olive Mill. They even brought their darling pup, Millie, along for the shoot.

From Caroline:

“JR and I had been together for almost 5 years, 2 cross country moves and multiple family vacations! However we had never once had both of our families meet! We decided that Thanksgiving 2017 was the perfect time. On paper it made sense, rent a big house, get everyone under one roof, cross your fingers and hope for the best! It all started almost too good to be true, our mom's clicked immediately and everyone was enjoying the beginning of an unforgettable week. JR’s sister and brother in law were flying in late Tuesday evening and I was somehow tasked to pick them up from the airport. Since our house was far North Scottsdale and I had just left my office that was right next to the airport, I thought it was silly to drive all the way down south to pick them up and come back at 8pm! In reality, Uber and Lyft seemed like a totally normal answer! I couldn’t understand why everyone was pushing SO hard for me to pick them up. I was angry, upset and so frustrated! I think I had some strong words with JR before I left. Something like “you owe me big time mister”. I couldn’t understand why he got such a good laugh out of that at the time! So at 8pm, I started my long trek to Sky Harbor as chauffeur! Little did I know what was happening while I was gone! When we finally arrived back to the house, we walked in the front door and it was empty! My mom came out to say a few of JR’s friends had stopped by for a drink. As I said earlier, I was NOT in the mood. I had to work the next day and was exhausted! I walked outside ready to have some strong words with JR only to find the beer burro standing in the middle of the yard, surrounded by hundreds of twinkle lights and candles. In the middle of it all with Mija, the beer burro, JR, and our whole family. Almost all of them were holding a phone and had our best best friends on facetime so they could witness everything! Eventually, after I calmed down and realized what was actually happening, JR got down on one knee and asked if I wanted to have a party on June 14, 2019. From the first day we started dating, I told him I was going to get married on June 14th. Yes, I talked about marriage on our first date. Everything the rule book tells you NOT to do. June 14th was the day my mother and late father got married. It was special in so many ways! I guess to this day, I’m still waiting for him to actually ask me to marry him! From all I know we’re just having a big party! With the clock slowly ticking down, we’re planning the most Greek and Italian wedding there ever was! Opa! Chin Chin!”