The Sweetest Treehouse Proposal in Phoenix, AZ: Our Engagement Story

Today is our 6 year engagement anniversary and we realized that we’ve never shared our engagement story with all of you on here!! It’s pretty great so if you’re at all interested in this part of our personal love story, keep reading to see how it all went down. Also, we wanted to share some of the super cute and fun photos from the day captured by Kacey with About Love Studio (we look so young…..having children REALLY ages you). Our close friend, Miguel Norigenna- who is an incredibly talented cinematographer, also made the most amazing video of the entire proposal (that we watch each year on this anniversary) and all that followed after. Tyler and I were together for almost 8 years before we got married. We have lots of special memories together during that time, but this one is a personal favorite- he did SUCH a good job planning this surprise for me!!!

Here’s the story from Tyler’s point of view (and also from 2012 when we actually got engaged):

“2012 was a pivotal year for me. It began with a 5-week journey to the opposite side of the world during a business trip to Mumbai, India. Countless phone calls, emails, and a $3,000 phone bill later… I knew that I needed to make Kris my wife. Distance makes the heart grow stronger, and a young man had an epiphany about already having all that he needs and wants.

The months following my return were a whirlwind of renewed and affirmed love. Kris and I were far too busy enjoying the moments to dwell on future logistics, but secretly by myself I would lie awake, mulling over the puzzle. On one fateful April afternoon, Kris and I hiked Squaw Peak in Phoenix and I confessed my dilemmas. We pondered and prayed. The very next day, the pieces started fitting together in a way they never had before.

Two weeks later we listed my house for sale, and another four weeks later it was under contract. Two more weeks and I secretly picked out and put down a deposit on an engagement ring. Four more weeks and the house was officially SOLD! In the midst of the packing, moving & paperwork, I found time to contact our favorite photographers and started building my plan for a proposal. Just like the ring, I knew the proposal had to be unique, beautiful and to fit Kris. Oh, and be documented to the hilt! After a lot of schedule negotiating we chose November 10th. The majestic “we” meaning myself, our beautiful photographers Kacey & Taylor, and videographer Miguel. I left the ring at the jeweler because their safe is superior to mine, and I waited begrudgingly patiently until November. As the months passed, I was running out of excuses to abstain from ring shopping with Kris, and she was running out of patience with me. Little did she know I had already purchased the perfect ring, proving that I listen (pear shape, halo setting, lots of sparkle) and have good taste (have you seen it yet?). To provide distraction to help pass the time, we bought a house in Gilbert, but that’s another story.

I tricked Kris into thinking we were dressing nicely, and joining some friends for an afternoon bike ride and bar hop. This wasn’t unusual to plan, and I had many accomplices on my team. I further suggested that on our way through Arcadia, we stop and visit Baker Nursery (***sadly this place no longer exists today, in 2018) which is a quaint family owned plant and flower shop that we had on many occasions expressed desire to visit. Besides, we had a new house by then and we needed to see if hydrangeas would grow! With a ring burning a hole in my pocket, we ate lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, Zinburger in Phoenix’s Biltmore area. We split an entrée and I did my best to play it cool. After lunch we hopped on our bikes and hit the road. We got to the nursery and started wandering around daydreaming about our new yard. We both knew that there was a tree house built on the property and my agenda was to “casually” come across it.

We found it. Tucked back behind a greenhouse, next to the family’s old farm house is a big tree with low hanging branches supporting a tree house. We walked closer and saw that there was a bench and flowers perched at the top of a set of stairs that looked as though they’d seen better days. I told Kris we should go up, but she didn’t move. She told me to go first, but I rebuked and insisted she did. She shot me a skeptical expression but climbed up, with me following. I didn’t have a speech prepared, but I had thoughts gathered. Walking up those steps, the thoughts vanished. We reached the platform, I grabbed both of Kris’ hands, and I simply told her I loved her. I told her I wanted to wake up to her face for all the rest of my days. I told her I wanted to marry her. I began to get down on one knee before I realized how difficult it is to retrieve a ring out of a kneeling pocket (insert classic awkward Tyler moment). I stood up, got the ring out, knelt again, asked, and she said yes! The moment was captured by hidden cameras and photographers. The documentation continued over the next hour at the nursery. Film & photo. Truth be told, I had gotten advance permission from the nursery owners to ransack their premise, and being the sweethearts they are, they also helped me by decorating the tree house for the occasion – complete with sparkling grape juice and wine glasses. All too adorable.

After the camera shutters closed, I walked Kris to our bikes. In the chaos that I just presented to her Saturday afternoon, she suddenly realized that we had plans to meet up with our friends. She asked “wait, are we still going to see them?” and I told her we were, but at a different location than she thought. We jumped on our bikes and made the quick trek to NoRTH Italia, a local restaurant and another favorite of ours. When we pulled up on our bikes, to Kris’ amazement we were not just met by a few friends but by almost 40 of our closest friends, co-workers, and family members cheering on the patio. We were engulfed by love and were fortunate to celebrate with some of the people that mean the most to us. Countless hugs, kisses, and congratulations later, I went home with my beautiful fiancé!”