A decision most brides and grooms will have to make during the planning process is deciding if they want a traditional wedding cake or individual cupcakes at their wedding. There are many pros & cons about these two delicious desserts and hopefully this blog post will help with this decision.


Something many couples often think about is the option of being able to have multiple flavors in order to please their different taste buds, as well as all of the guests. Having a variety is not always necessary, but often times important because not everyone likes the same flavor. Lucky for you, having multiple flavors is not usually a problem when deciding between a traditional tiered wedding cake and or a display of cupcakes.  Most bakers will allow multiple cake and/or frosting flavors per order…ensuring that everyone’s taste buds leave the wedding happy.

Cost Comparison

When thinking about your budget, choosing to have a traditional wedding cake tends to be the more expensive option.  In general, cupcakes are usually considered a little more casual, and most of the time, end up being the cheaper option. One main difference here is that extra cupcakes can be sent home with guests meaning your money isn't going to waste like it might with a cake that gets thrown out at the end of the night.



The "traditional cutting of the cake" is a tradition that dates back to the 1900’s. This tradition includes the newly married husband & wife cutting a full size wedding cake during their first celebration of marriage.  Still to this day it is considered one of the classic elements of the wedding reception. If you decide to have cupcakes, there are ways to keep this tradition alive. Having a small cake along with the cupcakes is an option.  Some bakeries can even make a larger cupcake especially for the newlyweds to share during their "cake cutting."  It's also ok to take the non-traditional route and skip the cake cutting altogether.   


Tiered wedding cakes are usually big and beautiful and can often times be the showstopper of your reception. Many people look forward to seeing the traditional cake table and the cutting that goes along with it.  Innovative cake designs are becoming more popular and are another non-traditional way to display a cake. Cupcakes give you a little more display flexibility. An entire table dedicated to cupcakes in a unique design could be a surprising alternative. Or do you love the look of a traditional wedding cake but yern for individual cupcakes? You could always display your cupcakes to look like a traditional wedding cake with several different tiers of cupcakes.

When it comes time to finalize this decision, traditional wedding cakes and cupcakes really aren't that different. A cake will always seem more traditional to your wedding guests, but there's nothing wrong with going a more non-traditional route. In the end, as long as you pick some delicious flavors, everyone should be happy with their wedding dessert options.


Photos courtesy of: Karlee K. Photography, About Love Studio, & Bradford Jones


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