That’s a wrap! #ICON15 is over, and the only thing more full than my (Tyler’s) brain is my optimism tank. I just love the energy, creativity & collaboration that occurs when so many like-minded, driven entrepreneurs congregate.

For those of you that don’t know, now you know: ICON = the annual conference for small businesses hosted by Infusionsoft, which creates software that helps small businesses get organized, save time & grow sales. It’s the least boring conference you’ve ever heard of. High energy and incredible speakers. My personal favorites from this year were Johnny Cupcakes & Sally Hogshead. You can check out my twitter to see some of my favorite moments from the week. Mind. Blown.

That being said, the most meaningful moments of ICON haven’t yet happened. They’ll happen tonight. Tomorrow. The next day. And every day from there forward. And as brain-fried and exhausted as we are, we are invigorated with promise and ideas. Right now Kris and I are on US Air flight 544 PHX -> DFW. It will be a fun and productive weekend, but I’m honestly looking forward to getting back home and implementing some of what we’ve learned. Our home office needs to translate some ideas into best practices. Until then… I’ll let Kris tell you what this weekend has in store for us! Take it away gorgeous!...

Hi! Kris here- first, let me just start by saying how proud I am of my incredibly talented husband. He works harder than anyone I know and for that, I am forever grateful.  He has the most amazing brain and I love that it’s now half mine…jk. But really, in all seriousness, he’s incredible. This was my first year attending ICON and boy was it a rush.  I spent 3 days listening, learning, growing, networking, dreaming and bettering myself.  I feel so inspired to be the best small business owner I can possibly be.  I can’t wait to implement everything we’ve learned in the hopes of bettering our business for the future.

As Tyler said, we are currently on a plane, headed to Texas.  My middle sister is graduating from nursing school this evening.  We will be celebrating her this weekend with a fun little graduation party.  We also get to do some wedding planning with my youngest sister and her fiancé for their Dallas wedding happening next year.  It’s going to be a packed, but fun-filled weekend surrounded by friends and family. If you’re interested in being jealous of our fun, follow along on my instagram.

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