Holy Moly!- We've been slacking on our blog posts.  It seems life has taken over recently and we are just holding on for dear life.  We aren't complaining by any means, but boy have we been busy.

Soon after the launch, my baby sister, Kaylee, got engaged to her long time love, Aaron, in New York City. More about their story in another post coming soon; but for now, here are a couple of photos from their NYC engagement.  



As many of you know, SuperBowl XLIX was here in Glendale, Arizona this year.  We were lucky enough to rent our home out through Airbnb for the big event.  Since we needed to be out of the house anyway, we took it as an opportunity to go on a much needed 10 day vacation that included a 7 day cruise through the Caribbean.  Oh man, was it awesome.  More about our trip in another post coming soon, but for now....LOOK. AT. THIS!


Now we are gearing up for the Spring Wedding Season which is in full swing.  We love wedding season (obviously), so we are pretty stoked!

Lots of new, fun blog posts coming your way...we promise!