Thanksgiving down. Next up, my birthday. Shortly followed by Christmas and then quickly New Years. This time of year is usually good for a few things.

  • Time travel, as 24 hour days fly by in what feels like fleeting moments.
  • Family, as you're either bombarded or are bombarding them. 
  • Things, as black friday & cyber monday tell you to load up on more of them.  
  • Love, because in the midst it all, we find precious solace. 

Time/Family/Things/Love. What's the right balance? Is it everyone or just me, who finds that November and December are the quintessential 'let's do everything at once' months. A time to make up for deficiencies during the first 10 months. Who's gotten through New Years, returned to their desk and thought 'I need some time off to recoup from that time off.' But this year I don't feel that way. I just wrapped a weekend of fun with Kris + my dad & step mom. We had a total blast, ate too much, got busy but also relaxed and had some great quality time. And while doing so I got a little sappy, reflecting on life in general. 

This year showed me challenges that I took in the face. Like, straight to the face. Some I straight up didn't see coming, and others I knowingly took on the chin with full bore conviction. This year has been one for the history books. I left a solid career to strike out fresh. I married my best friend. And I overlooked tons of marriage advice when I decided to partner with my wife in business. In the words of Liz Lemon: What the what? 

Turns out, all of these were great decisions. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I faced some of the scariest slash most exciting moments of my life in 2014. Even through the craziness, I truly couldn't be happier with my life right now. How could I complain? I have so much to be proud of, but even more to look forward to. And honestly, what is better than the feeling of genuine optimism? Kris and I are so blessed to be doing what we love, surrounded by people we love. This post is nothing but a shameless look at where we're at and how I feel about it. Stay tuned, but so far I think I've totally avoided the typical holiday rut. Cheers!!  -T


Thanksgiving, 2014