Tyler here... I'll break the ice. 

Bonafide. That magical moment when dreams become reality. It's crazy to think how much time, thought and effort has gone into what we now call Konsider It Done, LLC. And of course, we've only just begun. 

Kris is my wife, my best friend and now my business partner. She's as much a sweetheart as a kick in the pants. I've been her support system, her cheerleader and her heavy-lifter for years. Not only are we making a more concerted effort to pursue the business for her, but I'm stepping out from a behind-the-scenes role to share the spotlight. 

It makes sense, really. Historically, I've helped with weddings and day-of support just to be a part of her life and see her. Kris' passion for the brides and events spills over into dinner-time and date-time conversation anyway. I've always known the intimate details of every event. I've been lending my support for free, while learning the ropes. A natural progression I suppose. A marital apprenticeship, perhaps? 

My psychology degree taught me a few things. One unsolved mystery debates weather "opposites attract" or "birds of a feather flock together." But based upon my marriage, I'm tellin' ya' it's opposites attract. Kris and I are as strongly attracted to each other as we are polar opposites. I'd love to see us compete in the Newlyweds game show. Fail. That being said, one area we've found insane benefits is how much our brains have each others' backs with event planning. If I forgot something, Kris remembers it and vice versa. Our opposite tendencies have proven to be a natural juxtaposition for covering all bases in all ways. One of us is bound to think of it. 

So here we go. Simultaneously re-launching a new business adventure while exposing ourselves to the world. This is our real life, it's our livelihood and our passion. Not always serious, but we take the responsibility seriously. Real people, making real great events.

If you'd like to learn more about us or simply keep in touch, use the contact link above, and shoot us a note. We'd sincerely love to hear from you.